Fall 2016 Notice to Students

The official implementation of the Analytical Commentary Program begins in Fall 2016.  The program requires students of every 200- and 300-level course taken in the Department of Language and Literature prior to student teaching to complete an analytical commentary as part of course work.  The commentary deals with a course “artifact”–a paper, project, assignment, or experience connected with the course.  For more information on the program, see http://english.sxu.edu/assessment/program-overview.

Transitional Plan for Current Students:  All teacher candidates who are new to the English Secondary Education Program in Fall 2016 or afterwards are expected to complete a full set of 10 analytical commentaries, one for each category addressed by the program.  All teacher candidates who were admitted to the School of Education prior to Fall 2016, however, will only be expected to complete a commentary for every 200- or 300-level LL course taken beginning Fall 2016 and every semester afterwards, up to student teaching.  For example, consider the case of a student whose situation is as follows:

  1. admitted to the SOE in Spring 2016 (or earlier)
  2. takes 2 LL courses in Fall 2016
  3. takes 3 LL courses in Spring 2017
  4. takes 2 LL courses in Fall 2017
  5. plans to student teach in Spring 2018

This candidate would be required to complete 2 + 3 + 2–or 7–commentaries prior to student teaching.  The program will keep a database of students, courses taken, and commentaries completed, and this database will be accessible to students and LL faculty to aid in assisting students through the assessment project.

Mandatory Program Meetings for all Students:  Each semester all English Secondary Education students are required to attend a program meeting which will provide students updates and clarifications on the analytical commentary program, and status checks on individual progress to date in meeting the assessment requirements.  For Fall 2016, students have two options for attending this meeting:

  • Option 1:  Attend a workshop on August 30, 5:00-6:00 in L-211 (as part of the ENGL 356 TWL workshop)
  • Option 2:  Schedule an appointment (on an individual or small group basis) with the English Secondary Education Program Coordinator (Dr. Bonadonna) by emailing him at bonadonna@sxu.edu.

Please try to use Option 1 if at all possible.  Besides streamlining things for Dr. Bonadonna, the whole group workshop will foster the “community of learners” dimension our program is build on and which is articulated in the English Education Program’s Conceptual Framework.  Whichever option you choose, please email your decision to Dr. Bonadonna.

Final Thoughts:  Please contact Dr. Bonadonna with any concerns, questions, or good ideas. The procedures for the program will be in evolution somewhat in the first semesters of implementation.

As always–be sure to keep records and backups of your artifacts and commentaries in your digital archive.

Your patience, cooperation, and best efforts are much appreciated by all involved in the project.

Angelo Bonadonna, Ph.D.
English Secondary Education Coordinator

P.S.:  Please feel free to post questions or comments below.

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