Sample Class Assignment

Analytical Commentary Assessment System: The Sample Class Assignment that led to the Sample Artifact

NOTE:  This assignment might appear in a literature, theory, or methods class that includes a “reader-response” type assignment along these lines:

Reader Response Assignment

Choose a text to read (or view, if the text is non-print or media) and use for constructing a reader response. Explore a significance of the text for you as a reader. Where possible, make reference to critical traditions, cultural phenomenon, personal development, literary features, and  so on that came to bear in your reading of the text. Avoid navel-gazing opining—i.e., avoid the sharing of preferences, emotions, likes, dislikes that are not rooted to ideas, analysis, and critique of specific or general text features and components. Try, to the extent possible, to identify the value of the text for you as a reader.

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