I was going to begin this post with an apology about not posting in such a long while but the thing is I’m not really sorry so I can’t. I’ve been having a beautiful time here and it’s hard to pull myself into this café and out of where we are to try to update the blog. I’m also afraid that I wont be able to do justice to the description of where we are now. Since the last post we left McLeod Ganj on foot and we have come up in the foothills of the Himalayas to a small hillstop called Dharma Kot. It’s a peaceful place only accessible by foot in the northern part of India along the border with Chinese Tibet. There are several Tibetan exile communities around the area and some monasteries as well. I’m learning a lot about the plight of the Tibetan people and yoga and Buddhism and oh so many things.

In the past week Angelo and I found an Israeli yoga instructor who gives classes in the forest every day, we have enrolled at a monastery for Buddhist meditation classes, we have hiked/swam to a waterfall, met some local friends who have invited us for dinner for the past 3 nights, and found a nice hostel for just over $2 with hot water and (get this) a full western style toilet (our first since Udaipur).

It’s surprising how quickly time passes up here. I’ve been waking up early around 5am to the chanting of the monks and though there is plenty of time for relaxing, hiking, and reading, it seems like I’m busy until I go to bed. It’s so nice and I think we’ll probably stay a lot longer than we expected. Some of the WWOOF farms we had planned on going to turned out to be looking for a way to find environmentally interested guests for their organic farm/resort instead of volunteers. This means that we will have some more time traveling and off of the farms. I can’t complain. We have heard about some volunteer work here around Dharma Kot working with children of recent arrivals from Tibet. This work sounds promising and I’m hoping that there are some spots for us. We’ll see. Until then I’m happy hanging around here for a bit and learning what I can about Tibetan Buddhism and such. If this isn’t nice I don’t know what is.