Well it’s 5:15 in the morning and I am in my parents living room. I just dropped Angelo at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and he is on his way home to Chicago. I’m in Dallas for another week getting things organized before I start class and move in on campus. I think I’m still getting over some jet lag and culture shock but I’m happy to be back. Now that I am back I am going to try to post some more photos from our trip. I’ve posted a lot on facebook because that uploader is a bit easier so if you want to see more you can find some there. I would like to do this chronologically so I will start with our photos from Mumbai and maybe do a new post for every new place.

Here are some photos from Mumbai and Udaipur:






1)View from the bus in Mumbai on the way back from the Bollywood set

2)Street in jaipur

3)Baby cow

4) Angelo on the bus in our sleeper compartment

5)Monkey on top of Monsoon Palace