This unit will introduce students to what is unique about the short story and its elements. In order to make the unit informative as well as creative, it will consist of three segments:
1 - Study of several stories selected by instructor
2 - Mini-book share using one story chosen by student.

3 - Original short story, creative non-fiction, or 'fanfic' written by student.


Short stories are essential to an English student's education. This form is the likely the most easily taught and studied form of literature, but is also rich in that it encompasses many techniques and stretches across many genres. Many classic novelists and poets have also written short stories, and excerpted novels are often presented as short stories that will entice the reader to explore the novel.


This unit will address all standards proposed for mastery in the high school classroom: reading, writing, literature, speaking and listening, and research. It will introduce students to short stories found to be classic as well as those that are popular. Students will learn the definitions of short story elements, but more importantly, be able to identify them. Finally, this unit will allow students a chance to write their own short story, but will offer options so that students uncomfortable with the idea of writing creatively can still reach their goal of a finished work.



- Students will understand the unique properties of a short story.

- Students will become familiar with several renowned short story writers (classic and popular).
- Students will explore avenues for discovering new short stories and share their findings with classmates.

- Students will apply their learnings to create their own story in traditional or alternative formats.

- Students will voluntarily share stories and give feedback to classmates.


Generally, this unit will enhance students' vision of literature and the media in which it is found.  It will also help them to constructively (and hopefully, enthusiastically) express their opinions about what they have read. I also hope to demonstrate that we don't have to fear writing creatively. The basic principal write what you know will be an essential guideline and a mantra to encourage students along the way.

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