Autobio Poem Lesson Plan

Purpose: This is a format poem, which is less daunting to most students than reading original poems aloud to the class.  Also, this poem allows students the opportunity to introduce themselves to the class.

Objectives: Upon completing this lesson each student will be able to write an autobio poem and present it aloud to the class.

Materials: Blackboard, paper, and writing implements

Procedure: Teacher tells students that they will be writing poems and instructs them to obtain paper and writing implements.  Teacher writes autobio poem following format on board about him/herself (10 minutes). For example:
1. First name:  Megan
2. Four descriptive traits: passionate, intelligent, honest, and cynical
3. Relative of….: Sister of Moira and Sean
4. Lover of (3 items listed): ideas, books, computers
5. Who feels (3 items) tired, overworked, and loved
6. Who needs (3 items) companionship, coffee, and money
7. Who gives (3 items) technology assistance, validation, and advice
8. Who fears (3 items) indecision, loneliness, and spiders
9. Who would like to see: the end of standardized testing in schools.
10. Resident of Oak Lawn
11. Last name: Hughes
The teacher then gives the class about ten minutes to write their own autobio poem.  Each student reads his or her poem aloud to the class.

Assessment: Students who write a poem following the format, read it aloud to the class, and posts their poem to their webfolio will earn 10 points toward their webfolio grade.

Standards: Late high school standards met and assessed:
4.B.5a.--Deliver planned and impromptu oral presentations...
3.C.5a.--Communicate effectively in a variety of written forms...