Writing Artifacts 

This link will take you to a Poetry Portfolio I made in a Com 106: Poetry class while attending Moraine Valley Community College.  I believe it is useful to put here because it shows a project that I felt was very useful in helping me learn more about poetry.  I enjoyed making the portfolio, and would argue it was a great way to get students involved in a class like this.  Also, I wanted to show that the list I made for my poem, Backyard Seasons, is the same one I used for my other writing artifact.  Some coments from my professor, Cheryl Dworak, as well as my fellow classmates are shown.

New Writing Artifact #1: Ten Minutes.  This is an attempt to write a short piece about a memory I have from childhood, in my backyard.  Okay, it's not all that great I think, but I still like it because I haven't tried to write like this since I was little.  I incorporated a little bit of a grammar B feel into it, too, so that's new.  It was fun.

New Writing Artifact #2: Stress An attempt to use Grammar B to explain what's going on in my life right now.  This is pretty different from my first artifact!

Writing Artifact #3:  These two artifacts WERE made for the classroom.  I wrote both of these short character essays in my History 104 class with Professor Smith this semester.  I decided that I really wanted to put them on this page because I think they are great examples of getting creative writing out of a History class. 
In the first paper, KKK Letter, I am writing home to my parents pretendig I am I new joiner of the KKK in the 1930's.  This is a terrible idea, of course, but I was really able to get into the heads of poeple who tried to justify this back then.  It was an interesting paper to write because I am so against the beliefs I pretend I agree with here.
In the second paper, World War II Holocaust Journal, I take the role of an American soldier writing in his journal at the end of World War II.  In it, I discuss the concentration camps my division stumbles upon, and how I feel about it.  This, again, was an interesting assignment. 
This is a great idea for all history teachers.  Thanks to Professor Smith!

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