Audio of Kirstein Remarks and others on John Boyle Tenure Case at NEIU Board of Trustees

This is the link to the February 21, 2013 Northeastern Illinois University Board of Trustees meeting. If one goes to Board Meeting February 21, 2013 and click on Part Two, and use your cursor to get to the 1:26 mark of the tape, you will hear my remarks, followed by other professors, two graduate students and John Boyle himself as the case was made for a reversal of President Sharon Hahs’s decision not to recommend tenure to the board. This case is ongoing and the American Association of University Professors is aware and engaged in this matter.

Among the other speakers were:

Professor of History Patrick Miller spoke on the history of the American Association of University Professors and its role in supporting and defining academic freedom.

Professor of Linguistics Judith Kaplan-Weinger spoke fervently on the reluctance of the board of trustess to address previously this violation of best practices in the consideration of a tenure application.

At the board meeting, there is a tw0-minute rule for open comments. I was pleased that I received 2:29 without interruption. Maybe they knew I traveled considerable distance to make the case that was initially articulated in the Illinois AAUP Committee A report that recommended a reconsideration of the Boyle tenure case. However, you can hear for yourself the statements made at the NEIU meeting.

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