Ban Homophobic Military From University Recruiting (Revised)

The American Association of University Professors has endorsed Stanford Law Professor Kathleen Sullivan’s argument against the Solomon Amendment, that can sanction entire colleges and universities who refuse to acquiesce in the anti-American, homophobic practices of the U. S. military

Many universities do not allow discrimination of openly gay students or other personnel and believe they should not be required to allow military recruiters on campus. The military violates non-discriminatory policies on many campuses with its “don’t ask, don’t tell policy.” Gay military personnel who openly admit they are gay or who are outed as gay or lesbian are dismissed from the military.

I have long believed there is hypocrisy among those who claim the military protects our freedoms while they obviously deny equal protection for an entire class of citizens. Note the military is not punishing conduct or unwarranted fraternisation; they are sexually cleansing from their ranks (hey remember ethnic cleansing in the Balkans?) gays and lesbians for merely having that orientation even if virginal.

Persons who are doing nothing wrong should be assessed as Dr King stated on the content of their character, not on colour or derivatively on one’s orientation sexually. Obviously there have always been homosexuals in the military. No one disputes that and to suggest that gays are not capable of channeling their liaisons in a manner that is consistent with doctrine and requirements is prejudicial, offensive and un-American.

I was on active duty at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri when I was in basic training. I presume there were gays in our barracks or squads or what have you. Folks were just trying to get through basic and hoped they would not be sent into combat if in the regular army. Those of us in the Reserves and National Guard were less concerned. But folks did their job and I never saw anyone act inappropriately or fraternise. I suspect my experience is common to the vast majority of military personnel. I would bet that gays are much less prone to sexual display due to the macho culture in the military and should be treated fairly by all: especially the military that claims to be this noble institution that defends the rights of ALL Americans.

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