Mark Vargas to Join St Cloud State in the “north country fair.”

Mark Vargas, library executive director, is headed to St Cloud State in Bob Dylan country, Minnesota, the land of the Frozen Four NCAA hockey team. Vargas transformed the library at St Xavier U.

Mark will become dean of libraries at St Cloud and is a digital expert and expanded immensely library holdings with databases, subscriptions and nation-wide network of libraries. He defended the academic freedom of users and purchasers: while Mark was part of the ruling elite, he respected different views and never rejected a request for a book or article based on ideology. He got game and is the one of the few “leaders” of the university that understood, respected and cultivated my talents. Also Mark is very attentive to interaction particularly by email either through our server or via the library website. He is also intellectually quite versatile with his publications of several articles on American history in nationally known peer-reviewed journals including The Historian. St Cloud is fortunate to have him on deck and in the batter’s box come Fall.

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