Boston Marathon and American Actions that Give Rise to Such Tragedies

The reporting, analysis and “expert” reflection on the egregious Boston Marathon bombings have revealed an unreflective nationalism and a preoccupation with prevention through law enforcement. While we don’t know at this point what drove the brothers Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev to detonate two bombs at the finish line of a joyous event, I suspect it was retaliation for American war crimes in the Middle East. This does not justify such atrocious carnage but it does possibly explain it.

While we may never know why these bombs were planted, one cannot as all the major networks and cable news outlets have done, utterly ignore American and Israeli actions in the Middle East that have created justifiable rage against the United States. The rage is justifiable but never attacks against the innocent.

Illegal drone attacks, conducted by the latest military arm of the government–the C.I.A.–have killed many civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. The declining relationship between the Hamid Karzai Afghan government for example and the US is to a large extent the result of the growing numbers of civilian casualties caused by robotic aircraft with kill lists drawn up in the White House. Would Dr King approve of such murder and violation of international humanitarian law? I doubt it. Israel is well-known for its unrestrained slaughter of civilians in Gaza, its war crimes committed against Palestinians and its bullying and land-grabbing settlement thefts against a defenceless and unarmed populace.

We dare not repeat the lack of reflection that followed the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan with unjust wars waged in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Those unseemly attacks on US soil with hijacked civilian aircraft full of innocent passengers should be seen as a continuum in an ongoing conflict between the US (its chosen partner Israel) and Islam. Whether it be American soldiers deployed in Saudi, baby-killing sanctions in Iraq, cluster-bombing an Iraqi army in retreat, or a Hitler like invasion of Iraq under George W. Bush, these events resonate and we should not be surprised if the empire strikes back even from home grown, college educated US citizens.

We ask when did Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev become “radicalised?” Maybe the question should be when did they believe that the murders of US civilians (not to mention Chinese!) were a justifiable act of revenge for American slaughter of non-combatants? When does the United States become more “radicalised” for peace and for abandoning and resisting the Israel Lobby’s path of arrogance and threat to regional stability? We must demand a contiguous state of Palestine and stop voting in the UN against every major resolution to bring peace and justice to that region. We must stop stereotyping “Jihadists” and yet ignore George W. Bush’s declaration of a “crusade” against “terrorism?” We must begin to see our foreign policy acts as “terrorism” too or simply abandon the term as a senseless effort to dehumanise the actions of one’s enemies and avoid reflecting upon our own trangressions.

Without self-reflection and an acknowledgement that terrror bombings on this soil are reactive to terror perpetrated overseas, this will become an endless conflcit with more tragedies and killings. The Obama administration is engaged in a continuous unjust war on Islam through other means. No large armies deployed but drones and special forces. When the empire strikes back, however infrequently, it is best ironcially in the name of national security to end the cycle of violence and reflect on the failures of Americn foreign policy and how its geopolitics fuels such rage against the United States.

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