The Saddam Hussein Trial Comedy

What a joke! Ok, what an absurd venue to conduct a trial of a national leader. Prefer the latter sentence?

Look, after World War II, even though the Nuremberg and Far East Tokyo war crime trials were violating ex post facto laws and were really a vengeance trophy for the victors, this star chamber trial of President Saddam Hussein is even worse.

The war is not over. It was after World War II.
The government of Iraq-America is trying to kill off Saddam’s supporters.
Saddam’s supporters number in the millions and are willing to die and kill for his restoration.

So the trial is a battle within a civil war. How can Saddam get justice under this bizarre circumstance? This again is during wartime for goodness sakes! I cannot recall a war crimes trial taking place DURING the battle. How can justice rule under those circumstances of hate, death, retribution, growing casualties, unbridled savagery in the streets and towns of Iraq? In addition this trial is IN Iraq which makes it even more unlikely that a presiding judge who is a Kurd and a Shi’a, Kurdish puppet-majority government would ever let the defendant go free or be spared from capital punishment murder.

This is a farce and I will comment more on this charade as the death of the president moves toward its inexorable climax.

Also any killing of Saddam will render the moral authority of his executioners, the Iraqis and Americans moot. Killing an otherwise healthy and non-vegetative human is a crime against humanity, a crime against life and a disgrace.

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