End the Police State, Cyber Imperialism and the N.S.A. Traitorous Campaign Against America

Thank you American hero, that is what you are, Edward Snowden, for protecting our freedoms. Not the militarists who are taking it away

History shows, especially American history, that when it is under siege or attack (real or imagined) usually imagined, the ruling elites use this as an excuse to wage war on America. Every war has led to a diminution of America’s freedom: imposed by elite fifth columns not the latest enemy of the decade club: communists, Muslims, whistleblowers. The War Between the States led to censorship if not the actual destruction of many newspapers and the pursuit and deportation of former members of Congress such as antiwar Clement Vallandingham. The Espionage Act, still used in an execrable manner to suppress free speech, was a draconian law passed during the Great War (1917) that was used to persecute such heroic figures as socialists Eugene Victor Debs and Charles Schenck. World War II gave birth to concentration camps such as Manzanar, McCarthyism, and the loyalty-oaths mania begun under the war-criminal, disgraced presidency of Harry S. Truman.

I published an article in the History News Network (HNN) on the surveillance of one of American’s leading human-rights activists and historians, Dr Howard Zinn of Boston University. He was mercilessly hounded, followed and abused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He fought in the Second World War as a bomber pilot but that made little difference to Hoover’s F.B.I. that was determined to purge left-leaning academics from their positions. Little has changed by the way!!

The Patriot Act, a law to revitalize the slave-owner James Madison’s repudiation of the Alien Act, “is a monster that must forever disgrace its parents.” The attacks of 9/11 have been used to expand funding for the military-intelligence-political Axis. The end of the Cold War ended nothing on Christmas Day in 1991 but a mere pause in the continuum of American violence, global imperialism and a vicious national-security state. While millions are hungry and out of work; as destitution becomes as chronic as a double-digit unemployment rate (I scoff at  the 7.6% number which is perhaps half as much as the true numbers of unemployed), the N.S.A., a true terrorist organization, is now building a massive rob-the-poor “Data Center,” spy on the world Hitlerian complex in Utah. This $2,000,000,000, that’s billion, facility is money that could be spend to guarantee everyone who wants to go to college a free education without life-sentence indebtedness. It is money that could be spend to insure millions of Americans without health care. It could fix bridges and other infrastructure. Where do we get this money to commit all of these anti-democratic, militaristic, egregious assaults on our freedoms? We steal it from the American people.

The argument that spying on Americans and those living in other countries is needed to defend our national security is a lie. It is a lie that no other country with remotely the level of military power claims is necessary for ITS security. The paranoid style of American politics as Richard Hofstadter described it when mixed with an authoritarian culture of power, entitlement and technical anarchy, leads to Prism, leads to Verizon and other companies surrendering their customers’ rights to the permanent warfare, hyperpower state.

Edward Snowden is an American hero. He revealed an immoral, unethical, who cares if “legal” spy network, against Americans and other nationalities. His articulate, carefully spoken defence of his actions was inspirational. He gave up everything: his girlfriend, his $200,000 a year job in Hawai’i to let us know the details of this monstrous, vicious N.S.A. terrorist organization’s latest out-of-control invasion of our privacy.

The war on terror does not justify a war on America! Rise up against the country that gave you Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Vietnam. Resist this capitalistic country as the people starve, go without health care as profits and the Dow (DJIA) soar. Resist by protest, reveal other cyber imperialism secret wars against Americans and the rest of the world, resist by civil disobedience, resist by organizing, resist as I have done a country that does not deserve to idolise itself and claim American exceptionalism: oh, it is exceptional all right.

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