Indyvanguard Gives Summary of Daniels’s Zinn Book Burning Efforts

I noticed that another former student of Professor Zinn who teaches at Purdue is quoted in this excellent summation of dissent against the Daniels’s lies of historical falsification in his efforts to purge the Howard Zinn historiography from the Indiana public-school curriculum. I would bet my last dime that Purdue University President Mitch Daniels has NOT read cover-t0-cover or even substantial parts of A People’s History of the United States. I wonder if he has been asked that question?

For him to claim each page is historical falsification is an egregious lie and borne out of total ignorance of American history. For a university president, even when governor, to make such a claim strongly suggests he is either an out-of-control ideologue or even worse has not read the book that he claims is “execrable” and a threat to Indiana’s public-school system. The man is clearly a disgrace and should not be president of a major Big Ten university or any institution of higher learning. I was more restrained in my commentary for AAUP’s blog but enough is enough. Daniels is clearly against progressive, radical, socialist scholarship which is his right. His right however is not to impose his views or conception of the truth on students and academics whether in secondary or post-secondary education.

This man mind you was in the hunt as a vice presidential candidate for Mitt Romney. At least the press was pushing him and asking him if he would consider such an eventuality. Of course he had to downplay any interest in the vice presidency since presidential candidates select their running mates. What if Governor Romney had won and President Daniels had been his running mate?

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