The Greatness of Vladimir Putin in Snowden Liberation

The Russian Federation President has extended a protective hand for American freedom fighter, Edward Snowden. Granting the great figure temporary asylum for one year is an appropriate response to the United States increasing persecution of political prisoners. While it should be the US that honours Mr Snowden and his effort to save American democracy from the police-state apparatus that has emerged since World War II, we well know that those with power will never surrender it to an obedient populace.

Vladimir Putin, president, Russian Federation

Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency contractor, was not obedient. He did not, as so many other quiescent traitors in that Agency or the C.IA., refuse to question the vicious persecution of innocent American citizens. Spying on their movements, spying on their phone calls, spying on their email, spying on their internet habits. Like King, Gandhi, Mandela, Evers, and some of the founders, Snowden is a great defender of American democracy. The fact that initially he had to seek protective freedom in Hongkong and then the Russian Federation is a significant and symbolic action demonstrating that the chasm between American and Russian freedom is not quite as wide as the hyperpower asserts.

Here is what Vietnam war-criminal Senator John McCain said about me!

It is a slap in the face of all Americans. Now is the time to fundamentally rethink our relationship with [President Vladimir] Putin’s Russia. We need to deal with the Russia that is, not the Russia we might wish for. We cannot allow today’s action by Putin to stand without serious repercussions.

Senator McCain you do NOT speak for me. A racist who opposed the Martin Luther King holiday for many years, who bombed innocent civilians in North Vietnam, who was appropriately shot down and incarcerated (although torture can never be justified), he dares to speak for all Americans. I thought his effort to achieve that status with his misbegotten run for the presidency in 2008 resulted in his defeat. Yet he still claims to speak for Americans: such arrogance is despicable! This horrible militarist, born in the Canal Zone outside the 50 states, is a chief foreign policy spokesperson for the “birther” party, is always eager for war, more enemies and more death. This guy should honour Mr Snowden who has done more for American democracy and transparency that the great “war hero” John McCain could ever claim credit for.

Snowden is a grandiose figure and monuments to his name should be erected all over America. His greatness is revealing the road to serfdom in America. In our declining moment of American democracy, he has given us one last chance to rein in, harness and demand greater transparency from an invisible government of surveillance, drone warfare, secret renditions and ongoing torture. The inevitable chickens have come home to roost as imperial, militaristic America could not completely conceal its efforts to control, dominate and pulverise all dissent.

Thank you President Putin for your courage, leadership and willingness to stand up for our rights and our democracy in protecting such a significant and self-sacrificing figure.

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