US Travel Alert, Embassy Closings are a Hoax

The US is manufacturing the rationale for its anti-Al Qaeda world-wide travel alert and overreacting to the September 11, 2012 attack on its consulate in Benghazi, Libya in order to avoid political repercussions from the Republicans. The State Department is closing 19 embassies, consulates and other assets for at least another week. Why is this happening? The National Security Agency in particular is attempting to stoke fears of terrorism to avoid any diminution of its powers. This dreaded, terrorist organization that violates the constitution, international norms of ethics and the sovereignty of over a hundred nations is the Orwellian beast that spies on the world’s population.

The Snowden revelations have placed it on the defencive as Americans recoil at the knowledge that their phone calls, their e-mail, their internet use are being monitored by American traitors. The emerging NSA Utah facility, an obscene immoral monument of data collection under construction, will allow this invisible government to enact more crimes against its own people and the world’s population. Its allies are the chairpersons of the various intelligence committees in the House and Senate–regardless of party, the National Security Council, the State Department, War Department (Defence), the seventeen intelligence agencies in this execrable nation that ignores the poor, the hungry  and the racially persecuted as a tiny elite controls the world and monitors our every movement.

This alert is nothing more than a desperate scam to terrify Americans into a sense of vulnerability in order to attenuate any Congressional efforts to rein in the Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA) court, remove the racist chief justice as its sole source of personnel selection, create an adversarial hearing before it issues warrants for invading the privacy of hundreds of millions, monitor the metadata mining of intelligence and place strict limits on how long data can be retained. It is not a coincidence this scare tactic takes place soon after Mr Edward Snowden is given political asylum in the Russian Federation from the US secret police and the Guardian’s latest revelations of NSA evisceration of our rights with the XKeysource internet invasion of Americans’ freedoms.

It is obvious that the national-security elites went to President Obama and convinced him to do this. If he said “no,” and there were an attack, leaks of his reluctance would emerge and he would be vilified. He had to authorise this massive scare campaign to placate the perjuring terrorist, James Robert Clapper, Jr., Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, the NSA and other purveyors of the paranoid empire of war, death and rampant inequality.

So the mask is off. The fawning press has gone along with this scam. They have not questioned it but the truth remains in my opinion that history tells the tale. The Mexican War lie of a Mexican attack by James Polk (1846), the Gulf of Tonkin incident lie of Lyndon Johnson (1964), the W.M.D. lie of George W. Bush (2003), strongly suggest when the US ruling elites are faced with imperialistic ambitions or growing public opposition to a draconian, surveillance, police state,  they will lie like criminals to avoid surrendering that power and will use a vacillating president as its tool of disinformation and deceit as it exacerbates the forces of fear and anti-Muslim bias in the United States and globally.

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