The Bumbling Secretary Kerry and The Use of the Word “Degrade.”

The warmongers in the Barack Hussein Obama administration and in particular Secretary of State John Kerry are using the latest military patois of “degrade”: yes I am glad Mr Obama beat the war criminal Senator John McCain and the erstwhile socialised medicine advocate turned reactionary Governor Mitt Romney. But the Obama administration in the area of external affairs is beginning to look a lot like George W. Bush’s monstrous presidency. Now we have “degrade;” in Nam it was “interdict;” it was “incursion” into Cambodia. Universally, we use the term “collateral damage” as I did in my critique of the “baby-killing tactics of collateral damage” of the Air Force in my e-mail of 2002. Now “degrade” has such an innocuous meaning as if there is no affect, no violence, no mass murder on the horizon. The killing state of the United States won’t even describe its own use of weapons as weapons. Its targeting of soldiers, airports, offices and civilian infrastructure is its objective but instead this dissembling use of the term “degrade” is used. The new masculinity is to engage in restrained understatement and to conceal the true damage and horror and fear this imperialistic country seeks to unleash on another Arab state.

It is a sham word intended to cover up and minimise the horrors of war and the crimes that Susan Rice and yes the great neo-conservative, Hillary Rodham Clinton advocate. They can’t get enough war: women have to prove they have blood lust and can compete with the men for a hardboiled, realist, Morganthauesque approach to American hyperpower, global domination. American warmongers won’t use the words that describe the horrors of war.

Now understand they are claiming the purpose of this latest criminal act is only to reducing the capability of Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons. Since American cowards who wage war from standoff  bombers and ships and won’t fly over Syria in all likelihood or invade a la Iraq in 1991 and 2003, they are merely going to reduce Assad’s capacity to use chemical weapons. Ahh, but the warmongers won’t attack Assad’s  CW directly, for fear they might release poison gas and kill more innocent soldiers and non-combatants. So what does the word “degrade” mean? Well this is what it means? They are going to target his soldiers. They are going to attack airports and aircraft and perhaps his residence or key government facilities where civilians work in Damascus.

“Degrade” means barbarism, savagery in destroying and annihilating Syria’s military assets to deter him from using CW. “Degrade” does not mean they are surgically going to use tactical weapons to “degrade” his CW. That is too bizarre to contemplate but they want to punish him and will try to kill the president or enough of his soldiers and civilians in a terror-bombing campaign of shock and awe.

Trust me Syrians who had nothing to do with the putative use of CW will die in this “degrading” exercise. We are killing, not degrading. We are using cowardly zero-casualty VERY inaccurate killing machines, bombs and missile warheads that will extirpate humans, not “degrade” sarin assets. Why can’t the bumbling Kerry who might have stumbled into a peace option of CW disarmament in Syria, state the truth? We are not “degrading,” we are killing in an illegal war without UN authorisation and will use excessive force in this unseemly episode to tell the world that CW weapons can not be used. Yet Israel has them which is an explicit violation of international law! Israel along with Syria has not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Why not demand that both Syria and Israel sign the CWC and agree to destroy all CW stockpiles? I am looking for a way out of war and a less ethnocentric, proIsrael policy. If we oppose CW use and possession in one country, we should oppose all POSSESSION and use of CW in the region-if  not the world.

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