Impeachment is Too Mild: Trial in The Hague for Mr Bush Must Happen (and a note for General Peter Pace)

Mr Bush lied about the war.

Mr Bush lied about the intelligence.

Mr Bush lied about the uranium yellowcake caper with Niger.

Mr Bush lied about Saddam’s interference with the inspectors. The United States forced Dr Blix and UNMOVIC to leave in 2003. UNMOVIC destroyed dozens of al-Samoud 2 missiles which were fairly new in Saddam’s arsenal. UN weapons inspectors began their work in Iraq November 27, 2002 and left March 18, 2003. Iraq submitted a declaration containing information about its weapons of mass destruction December 7, as required by UN Security Council Resolution 1441. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted 237 inspections at 148 sites, including 27 sites not previously inspected. UNMOVIC inspectors conducted 731 inspections at 411 sites, including 88 sites not previously inspected. Of those inspections, 22 percent were related to chemical weapons, 28 percent to biological weapons, and 30 percent to missiles. The remaining 20 percent were multidisciplinary inspections, involving experts from each disarmament area.

Mr Bush in his January 2003 State of the Union address lied about UK intelligence and Niger. He knew that the CIA could not verify that Saddam was trying to acquire fissile materials from that African country.

Mr Bush probably knew in advance that Ambassador Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent and was outed by Mr Rove and Mr Libby to hurt, smear and undermine the antiwar campaign of her husband, who asserted that the Niger caper was twisted if not forged intelligence.

Mr Bush is lying when he says he went to war for democracy. No, this president went to war, as he stated, for WMD non-proliferation and tried to scare Americans in believing that this defenceless nation was a threat to the US.

Mr Bush endorses torture. Yes endorses. He refuses to accept the McCain amendment that would prohibit, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of POW, “enemy combatants” or anyone under U.S. jurisdiction. The senator wants the army regulations on treatment of detainess to be uniform throughout the armed services and intelligence agencies. Mr Bush and his Goebbels, Vice President Cheney want an exemption for the C.I.A. They have these black sites in third countries where they kill, torture, dismember and harm alleged “terrorists.” The U.S. government, or more precisely the Executive Branch, wants permission to torture. This is the type of country we have become and I will resist this militarisation and perverse adoration of war and control everyday in everyway.

The Democrats also lied and folks like Senartors Clinton, Schumer and that comical Senator Kerry are warmongers who had no sense of justice and shame in authorising this butchery. The Democratic party is complicit along with the GOP. They could have prevented this war by denying authorisation. Maybe not denying a majority vote but certainly with a filibuster. If they can filibuster judicial appointments to one or more of the eleven Courts of Appeals, they can filibuster a war which has ruined this country, given our adversaries aid and comfort and is the greatest strategic blunder since Vietnam.

Mr Bush should be arrested and taken before the International Criminal Court and stand trial for war crimes. The I.C.C. located in The Hague was created by the Rome Statute on July 1, 2002. This must happen for the U.S. to reclaim its honour and credibility as a nation.

I oppose the impeachment and or removal of the president as severe enough punishment. This might happen if the Democrats reclaim both or even one chamber of the Congress in 2006. I would prefer for the fate of the earth that he be incarcerated in prison and hopefully would expire in prison while serving a life sentence without parole. He should be treated humanely according to the Geneva Convention and other international laws of justice but should be a prisoner for the rest of his natural life.

While the Democrats deserve little respect or political support, it was Mr Bush who opted for war. It was Mr Bush who received permission to go to war from the warmongering Congress but it was NOT a declaration of war. It was not an act that stated that war existed. It was a permission slip to go to war. Mr Bush made the final decision and must be removed from this nation and forced to defend himself as a global threat and menace to our civilisation.

Yes I could make the case that others are liable for crime and punishment: conspiracy to make war; crimes against humanity; crimes against peace. Certainly the Nuremberg Principles and Tokyo Far East prosecutions would be applicable to others besides Mr George Walker Bush.

I would not exempt senior four-star military officers who planned this war either but that will be another post. Please recall military personnel in addition to civilian leadership were tried at Nuremberg and Tokyo after the Second World War. Some were hung. I have noted the war criminal General McCaffrey’s actions in the Gulf War and will comment as warranted on military officers who are equally culpable as war criminals in the destruction, mass murder and despoliation of the once glorious nation of Iraq.

Postscript: I recall General Peter Pace, who is now chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sarcastically referring to President Saddam Hussein’s “generalship.” I don’t recall the exact statement but it was a sneeer and an insulting comment about Saddam’s military prowess. First, an officer and a gentleman never, ever publicly criticises or disparages commanders or officers of opposing militaries. It is considered a lack of honour to do so. Second, I wonder if General Pace, the first marine and the sixteenth person to serve as chairperson of the chiefs, would like to eat those words now–given the defeat of American combat forces in a bleeding sore that cannot be healed by military victory but only patched up with a rapid withdrawal to spare more useless expenditure of life in this Vietnam quagmire.

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