Report that America Used W.M.D. in the Destruction of Falluja

Did the nation that went to war allegedly for purposes of non-proliferation of W.M.D. use them in the war? The article appears in The Independent, a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland broadsheet.

I do know that U.S. imperialist forces used Napalm in the Gulf War and this is the first report, that I am merely linking and NOT confirming, that the invaders are using W.M.D. to suppress the resistance to the occupation.

This website, despite its clear ideological animus, prides itself on accuracy and when I am not certain of a report’s validity, I indicate that. However, such a report as the one above is consistent with the way the U.S. has always waged war.

I believe phosphorus is an igniting agent that was used in the deployment of Napalm in Vietnam and in the desert of Iraq in 1991. The use of such a weapon against military targets would be a violation of the laws of war, even if not explicitly banned by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

Phosphorus bombs were also used against Japan in the spring of 1945. Precedent to the use of the atomic bomb, the U.S. had achieved great skill in abolishing cities. The criminals took delight that the foundational material of Japanese urban areas was wood. The firestorms released by phosphorus weapons were almost hurricane in intensity as people were charred and burnt by the hundreds of thousands in the war criminal attack on the Japanese homeland. General Curtis Emerson LeMay, the architect of Asian strategic bombing and the “father” of the Strategic Air Command, once said that had the United States of America lost World War II, he would have been tried as a war criminal.

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