Dr Timothy Kuklo’s Patient Woes

This patient, who requests anonymity, was “treated” at Washington University School of Medicine and had a spinal fusion at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri in May 2006. She sent me this e-mail and I received permission to post it. This blog covered the Kuklo scandal of plagiarism, claiming non-existent joint authorship of articles, the revocation by a journal of an article previously published, fraudulent research, forging of non-existent co-authors’ signatures, and patient horrors in a series of posts. I still receive patient tales of woe and when possible publish them here. Dr Kuklo’s fully documented unethical conduct begins while serving as an army colonel at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Bethesda) and continued while on the faculty at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Dr Kuklo is currently associated with the Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute in Englewood, Colorado and other locations. Dr Kuklo graduated from West Point, holds both an M.D. from  the University of Connecticut and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center. Quality education without ethical application is a weapon of mass destruction.

His Fraudulency Who Lied About Co-authorship of an article and faked the data!

Thank you for posting commentary on Dr. Timothy Kuklo’s fraudulent history.  I am a former patient of his and I am so angry that he neglected to tell me that he had a financial interest in BMP-2, aka Infuse, with Medtronic.  He used this product on me for a spinal infusion.  I endure pain every day of my life and until recently, did not know why.  I have such appreciation for your frankness, your honesty, about this incompetent doctor.

My appreciation extends so much that I will contact my representatives to encourage them to continue to make sure that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) ensures full disclosure of drug companies who pay doctors to use and sell their products to patients.  It shouldn’t take such action for patients to know of these things.  I would think there would be laws in place now to protect patients against such unethical physician practices.  I would so like to be the person to cause him to lose his ability to treat patients ever again.  As a person with an idiopathic chronic medical condition, I have previously participated in research studies but was always informed of a researcher’s and facility’s financial ties to a drug company.  It is someone like Kuklo who gives patients cause to mistrust medical doctors and reconsider participating in any medical research.

I have just seen a new pain management physician yesterday and told her what Kuklo had done.  She had never heard of this situation but was appalled when I told her of the situation.  She is sending off for the surgical report.  I am hoping to see if Kuklo used the product in a way that was not approved.  I am disabled because of this situation.  I live by myself so it’s very hard to keep up with just daily household duties.  Having gone through medical research trials myself because of Crohn’s disease, I understand and respect that medical research is needed.  I agreed to a study with Washington University School of Medicine and the researchers of medications to treat Crohn’s disease.

There was full disclosure. I knew full well what I was getting myself into. Until I found out about what Kuklo had done with his so-called research and the non-disclosure of his personal financial interests with Medtronic, I had no idea that a physician and their buddy-drug company could do such a thing and get away with it.

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