Peter N. Kirstein quoted in N.E.I.U. Student Paper

Department of History and Political Science Professor Peter N. Kirstein appeared in an Oct. 29 article in the Northeastern Illinois University Independent (N.E.I.U.). The article covered the six-year litigation struggle of Professor Loretta Capeheart against the university. A tenured professor, she won a decision in the Illinois Appellate Court, First District that overturned a state court’s previous ruling that NEIU officials were protected by Illinois’ anti-S.L.A.P.P. (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law against a defamation suit of slander.

The decision empowers Prof. Capeheart to pursue her lawsuit, without assuming any responsibility for N.E.I.U.’s legal expenses. Her case has also been adjudicated in the federal court system as well. Kirstein is vice president of the Illinois Conference of the AAUP and has supported Prof. Capeheart’s struggle for justice. He was quoted in the article: “The law {S..LA.P.P. laws} was intended to protect injured or whistleblowing consumers from large corporations, not universities from idealistic faculty who question American exceptionalism.”

Larry Frank, former NEIU provost and SXU CAS dean is mentioned in the article as well.

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