Comments on Kirstein Ukraine-Crimea Op-Ed

Here are a couple of comments that responded to my article on Ukraine and its Crimean struggle with the Russian Federation. The op-ed appeared in the Sunday, March 16, SouthtownStar
Peter Kirstein
The US also used the excuse of protection of Americans to invade tiny Grenada. So if you wish to compare Putin with Hitler, also include Ronald Reagan in that trio. I think some here are not accustomed to reading articles that dare challenge American exceptionalism and take personal offense that a professor dares to do so. Well they better accept the fact that their world of American flags, July 4 celebrations and National Anthem singing do not control my voice or my thinking! If we claim to be the freest country in the world–forget Ed Snowden already?–then calling for someone to lose their job because you don’t agree with their viewpoints shows what kind of country we are indeed becoming.
OakLawn Bill 2 days ago
Comrade Kirstein forgets that Hitler used the excuse of protection of Germans to invade other countries not unlike what Putin is claiming now.
Robert2 days ago
Wow. This guy’s a professor at Xavier? Thank god my kids didn’t go there and get his stilted “revisionist” view of history. First, while NATO was formed to provide a unified front against the Soviet Union, it was designed to confront ALL threats to the West, not just the Soviets. In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait and this organization was invaluable in cooperating to defeat Hussein’s attempt at creating a new Islamic Caliphate. Recent events also show how foolhardy it would have been for NATO to disband just because the Soviets let their desperate attempt to salvage a failing empire by ending the cause of its failure, the failure of a tyrannical, freedom stifling government. China realized the same thing and moved towards the only economic system that could save THEIR empire, capitalism without letting the KGB gangsters run the system. That Mr Kerstein (sic) thought NATO should have disbanded while the Soviets still had the largest nuclear arsenal and standing army pretty much shows he doesn’t understand Russian expansionist history since Peter the Great nor even recent history in Georgia. NATO’s function changed from Soviet containment to protection from Middle Eastern threats and guaranteeing that freedoms hard won by now nations of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine (in addition to the Eastern Bloc) would have their sovereignty militarily stolen from them again as it once was in the time of the Tsars. Historic Russian expansionist ambitions were never changed by communism, there were just new tyrants initiating this. I hope this lack of historical understanding by Mr Kirstein is not wasted on the Xavier tenure committee. There are far better history professors out there based on what Mr Kirstein shows in this column.
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