Osama bin Laden: A Biography

He was born in 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has advocated for a considerable period revolution and the overthrow of the House of Saud.

His father was from Yemen which is south of Saudi and also occupies the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen was split into two nations and the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, which Mr Bin Laden opposed, was the only Marxist state in the Middle East. In 1990 the former and the Yemen Arab Republic merged into one nation state.

His mother was from Syria and was divorced by Mr Bin Laden’s father.

Mr Bin Laden studied management and economics at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, which is in Saudi Arabia.

His father became a construction company executive and had numerous contracts and contacts with the Saudi government. He died in 1968 and left a fortune of $ll billion to his extended family and dozens of children from different mothers.

Mr Bin Laden has lived in Sudan and Afghanistan as well.

Mr Bin Laden has not uttered a public statement since his last videotaped message on October 29, 2004 and is believed to be somewhere in the rugged frontier area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The usual speculation about his current condition involves his medical condition and his location at the time of the massive temblor in the region. Some have speculated he has kidney disease or has had a condition on his left side. It is true that Dr Zawahiri has assumed most of the dissemination of information outside of Iraq but Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden’s current status is not known in the west.

Attempting to speculate on such a situation is hazardous. Perhaps he is in a third country with an agreement that he would never engage in public colloquy. Perhaps the government would fear an American-Anglo crusader attack upon it and its people.

Osama bin Laden married a fourth wife in 2000; this is the maximum allowed under the Sharia Islamic legal code.

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