Professor Salaita Apparently is Gagged: Free Advice

I was told while being interviewed by the Roanoke Times in Virginia that Steven Salaita had tweeted the reporter that he had been “gagged.” My guess is he has an attorney. If he is reading this, you are smart to remain silent.

I was on a gag order by my university as they were trashing me and speculating I went “off the deep end.” That will never happen again!! Since the University of Illinois has said nothing negatively about you, I see no reason for you to publicly enter the fray at this time.  If you are going for a settlement, I hope it is substantial, at least three years, and a last resort. I would also stop tweeting anything that could be used against you.

We don’t have a free country, never have had, if you count slavery and Jim Crow. I count that! So meanwhile don’t add fuel to the fire. Keep your views and positions, just cast them a little differently. I stand for principle all day long; I am giving you hard scrabble advice from one who knows what you are going through, although not identical in career implications.

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