Richmond Times-Dispatch Cites Kirstein on Salaita Firing at Illinois

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has run the Tonia Moxley piece that previously appeared in the Roanoke Times on the University of Illinois hiring-reversal travesty of Steven Salaita. This is the link to the article.

Professor Salaita resigned a tenured position at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. In addition to the national and international coverage of this blacklisting and persecution of the professor, Virginia media has construed it as a local story. Professor Salaita, to his credit, has defied the American exceptionalism narrative before and was known in Virginia as a critical thinker who expressed views that challenged American hauteur with pledges of allegiance prior to even understanding what type of nation demands filial obedience. His questioning the “support the troops” mantra is consistent with internationalism and peace and justice: but not in this country!

For contact information on Illinois AAUP statement and position:

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