U.S. Tortures on Cuban Soil: Condemns Castro’s Violation of Human Rights!

The United States regards President Castro as a communist autocrat who denies basic human rights to his people. Of course, for a nation that denies its people a basic human right, such as access to health care, I find it ironic that Cuba, that does have a progressive national-health care system, would be castigated in this manner.

Yet the real purpose of this post is to point out the following. The U.S. commits torture and is in material breach of the Geneva Convention (1949) and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. One of the places where these violations occur is at GITMO, Guantánamo, in Cuba! So on the homeland of Cuba, the U.S. violates international law, desecrates the Holy Qur’an and tortures POW or “enemy combatants” in a concentration camp. Yet simultaneously it criticises Fidel Castro’s detentions (Jose Padilla in U.S.), restrictions on political dissent (Cindy Sheehan arrested in front of the White House) and one party rule of the Communist Party (One party state with two wings, Democrats and Republicans, support the war and oppose withdrawal of American forces).

This is even unusual hauteur and hypocrisy for America. Torture on the territory of Cuba, stolen as war booty after the Spanish-American War, and claim that the latter violates human rights on the same island!

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