Kirstein Photos from Cougar 5k Run in Chicago: October 4, 2008!!


The person with the blue shirt–#187 over a Chicago Cubs logo– and black cap-ExxonMobil–{I got it free from robber barons} is Peter N. Kirstein running next to a virtual “Ms Illinois” in the red shirt. I ran a comeback personal best, breaking my previous effort a year ago by 1m 35sec even though my training was interrupted for months with an unexpected medical condition. I am not satisfied with my lousy time but I know what I did in previous years would have placed me easily in the top twenty-five.

Having not run competitively since I was injured running in Amsterdam in 1990–I tripped and sprained my ankle and almost fell in a canal–I guess I should be somewhat satisfied with my recrudescence. At Boston University in my junior year I received an “Athlete of the Year” plaque from my fraternity as we had a very good intramural athletic programme of basketball, touch football and fastpitch softball. Hey, it’s my blog and if I want to indulge in athletic moments, so be it. Not everything has to be about “politics” and “academic freedom”–or the lack thereof as we resist the forces of suspension, persecution and Procrustean conformity. :-)

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