A Response to “Why Does the United States Engage in Violent Acts?”

I received a brief but critical e-mail to my posting right below this from a career civilian GS-12 stationed at a venerable military base in Alabama. My policy is not to identify an individual associated with the military without their express permission. So I am posting this response without identifying the sender or his or her military base.

Sent: Tue 11/22/2005 10:38 AM
To: Kirstein, Peter N.

The explanation offered is nothing more than eclectic new-age drivel of a “secular-humanist” variety.

I responded:

I am not a psychologist but felt it was of significant value to at least post. In a way if it were true, it might explain if not excuse deeper impulses in our society. While we would prefer to see ourselves as “modern” and as having progressed from earlier more “primitive” origins, perhaps a look back might help us steer a steadier course in the future.

I am glad you took the time to visit my Blog. Several members of the military do and I do get e-mail occasionally from service personnel in Iraq. I wonder if the folks down there at XXX would ever like to discuss issues from a different perspective. I have spoken to Veterans Groups since my suspension for an antiwar e-mail 3 years ago and would jump at the opportunity to come to XXX. Actually the Korean War Veterans of Wilmette were supportive of my rights of free speech while definitely disagreeing with my views. I wonder how free you folks are at X University, if you are associated with them, to invite someone with my political leanings as a speaker.

Twice I was invited by NATO to guest speak at the Army-Russian Institute in Garmish, Germany.

Secular humanism: What’s wrong with that? We are supposedly a secular nation, or at least one that has a separation of church and state and we claim to be humanistic as leaders of the “free world.”

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

Peter N. Kirstein

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