Kirstein Posts Comment in New York Times Article on Governor Palin

217. October 27, 2008 3:22 pm

The New York Times has posted an article online on the Governor Sarah Palin vice-presidential pick that appears to be an effort to muster support for the Obama campaign. Its headline and column assumes a priori that Gov. Palin is unqualified and a “drag” on Senator John McCain’s presidential bid. The drag on the ticket is the Dow, Wall Street woes and the burgeoning recession. However, I posted this comment that appears among the multitudinous comments.

On the Campaign

Second-Guessing the Palin Pick

A big question inside and outside the McCain campaign is whether the senator would be in a better position had he not chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate…

245. October 27, 2008 3:22 pm

Joe Biden is less qualified due to his support of the Iraq War. While Senator Obama questioned Senator Clinton’s “judgment” in supporting such a criminal enterprise, he then selects a prowar plagiarist as his vice-presidential running “mate.” Gov. Palin is rather bright, did a brilliant interview on C-SPAN last Feb. on energy and I think is the object of unnecessary ridicule. The press should assess the qualifications of a male candidate who disgraced himself and his nation in voting for mass murder in Iraq and now apparently Syria as well.

— Dr Peter N Kirstein

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