Ralph Nader, who did NOT vote for Iraq War, as Biden and McCain is on Illinois Ballot

The following are candidates for president and vice president of the hyperpower imperialistic American empire that will appear on Illinois ballots for the November 4, 2008 “election.” Illinois which has one of the more restrictive, ELITIST ballot access procedures, has finally allowed easier access to dissenting, creative candidates who are not part of the Democratic-Republican duopoly. In 2004 Ralph Nader was only listed as a pre-approved write-in; now he is on the ballot.

Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez (Independent) – Ballot No. 7

Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Democrats) – Ballot No. 1 Senator Biden voted for the Authorisation to Use Force Resolution in Iraq in October 2002 who asks god only to protect “American troops” as if the children slaughtered by U.S. imperialist forces are mere detritus. He should be arrested for his vote and the resulting mass murder he so ardently advocated.

John McCain and Sarah Palin (Republicans) – Ballot No. 2 Senator John McCain flew an airplane repeatedly over North Vietnam and dropped bombs on a nation that was not a threat to the United States. While he appropriately served some time for his crimes as a prisoner of war, he is not a hero but a coward who bombed high in the air over a country that did not even have an air force. Does he not feel guilt for bombing innocents below? Does he not put humans first and NOT “Country First” when the latter emulates Nazi Germany in its crimes against humanity.

Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente (Green) – Ballot No. 3 Both are minority women.

Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root (Libertarians) – Ballot No. 4

John Joseph Polachek and No Candidate – Ballot No. 5

Charles O. Baldwin and Darrell L. Castle (Constitution) – Ballot No. 6

Source: http://chicago.about.com/od/governmentandmedia/a/BallotPresident.htm

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