Mr Bush Planned to Bomb An Ally Qatar Where Al Jazeera Is Stationed

Al Jazeera which is linked on my Blog, was bombed in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). This report states that Mr Bush, the leader of the “Free World,” wished to bomb and burn the main station of Al Jazeera in Qatar. The Daily Mirror, which opposed the war, reports he was talked out of it by fellow invader, Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The American president made this suggestion to Mr Blair at a White House meeting on April 16, 2004 according to the Daily Mirror. Given the Bush administration’s tendency to equate opposition to the war with a lack of patriotism or even worse, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy,” such a suggestion seems plausible and consistent with the criminal ruling elites’ skepticism of democracy and actions that are more consistent with autocracy. How did this great country become such a disgrace? How could this happen to the world’s greatest country at one time? What a tragedy that it has been hijacked by such militarists and selfish elites.

The B.B.C. reported a White House denial but adds considerable authenticity to this Gestapo, Nazi plan to silence the press and murder innocent reporters and staffers who have families and dreams.

This website is not a press bureau and its mission is advocacy. Yet it will not deliberately omit press accounts that refute a general story. The answer is contained in the memo and summation of the Bush-Blair meeting that #10 will not release.

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