Dr Howard Zinn Gives Conditional Endorsement to Ralph Nader

It is being reported my advisor at Boston University and academic role model, Dr Howard Zinn, is endorsing Ralph Nader for president of the United States in the 2008 election. He had endorsed Senator Barack Obama but is now urging voters in slam-dunk states to vote for Nader. It appears in toss-up states he is still recommending a vote for the Illinois senator. I also had supported Senator Obama financially and attended fundraisers and participated in numerous foreign-policy network conference calls. I began to have grave misgivings after his selection of Senator Joe Biden who voted for the Iraq War.

Dr Zinn is one of the preeminent historians of the 20th Century in his approach to revisionist history and giving voice to those who lurked in the shadows of consensus historiography: Namely women, African-Americans, union organisers, immigrants, blue-collar workers, antiwar patriots and socialists.

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