Predictions on President-Elect Barack Obama’s Presidency

Following the November 4, 2008 presidential elections, I offer the following predictions.

I see more militaristic, vulgar Rahm Emanuels and his Machiavellian ilk infecting the hope and change of an Obama administration.

I see a push to the center as they already prepare for 2012 which will confer only modest change in America.

I guarantee that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be substantially reduced before 100s more Americans die. If wrong, I will openly admit my error and lack of perspicacity.

I see no change in deployment of missiles and interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic. Senator Obama was disgracefully pandering to militaristic America in the campaign with his denunciations of Russia, knowing full well it was Georgia who tried to settle the South Ossetia question by force and Russia attempted to reverse this naked imperialism.

I see no direct negotiations with adversarial heads of state such as Raul Castro or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Il or with Al Qaeda, despite President-Elect Obama’s repeated avowals to do just that–except in the case of the latter.

I see no ending of the blockade against Cuba.

I see no “war” on poverty but merely pandering to the white middle class recognising other ethnic groups are in it.

I am sure the Obama of the Ayers, Khalidi, Hyde Park liberal, community organising days will be sufficiently “liberalised” as to make him virtually indistinguishable from a Senator Chuck Schumer or even worse Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mildly progressive but no war on poverty, no support of gay marriage, no ending of vouchers, continued hate speech against “Middle Eastern oil” and support of the continued genocide by Israel against the Palestinian martyrs in Gaza and West Bank.

At the end of an Obama presidency, the current number of medically uninsured, about 47,000,000, will probably not be reduced by more than 15%-20% of the current total.

I am pleased an African-American is president. I was touched by Congressperson John Lewis and the Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson’s emotional response. It was they who did the heavy lifting to make this possible.

I believe America’s military will never allow a significant reduction in budget, weapons systems or personnel. Their wicked monstrosity of empire and racist murder will not confer an easy surrender. So American militarism and Hitlerian arrogance of racial superiority will not be significantly attenuated due to the fragility of civil-military relations in the U.S. I have no “hope” that I can believe in that Barack can stay true to his earlier ideological instincts. He will be too isolated and feted by royalty to truly stick to his promises.

I “HOPE” I am wrong but Reverend Jeremiah Wright was so correct when he “God damned” America for its atomic genocide and racist history. An attack on him was an attack on progressivism which Barack has convinced so many he represents despite a misogynist Larry Summers-fired from Harvard as president although still teaching there-as key economic advisor and possible return as Treasury secretary. Can’t Mr Summers just go quietly into the night?

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