Barack Obama and Iran: First Press Conference

I told you so. When Barack Obama was asked on November 7 in Chicago at his first news conference as president-elect if he would respond to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s letter of congratulations, the senator refused to be gracious or even charitable. In typical prowar, Zionist fashion, he repeated the mantra that Iran could not get a nuclear weapon and that it supports terrorist groups that dare defy Israeli colonisation and mass-murder. This is what we get with this senator. The same old anti-Muslim bias in which Hamas and Hezbollah inferentially are construed as terrorists and not a word from the president-elect about Israel’s nuclear deterrent which is a threat to arms control and regional stability.

I knew when he named the plagiarist and prowar hawk, racist Senator Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate, that I made a mistake in giving him $2300 for the primaries, attending a fund raiser, serving on his Foreign Policy network and supporting him in the primaries. It appears that we are going to get another militaristic Democrat in the White House. I told you so and I know I am right. A vote for Nader was the only responsible action I could take.

Yes I am glad a bi-racial man was elected president because it makes many so happy. Fine. Good. But will it improve our foreign relations and willingness to sit down and talk to our adversaries? I doubt it due to Barack already being captive to the Israel lobby and Clintonites. He will be forced to abandon his lofty idealism from the Ayers, Khalidi days and will I assure you be slaughtering and decimating nations that resist the hyperpower. Shame on him and a nation that destroys our best hope for peace and justice.

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