U.S. Uses W.M.D. in Iraq!!

This is an editorial in the New York Times, while quite tardy in its recognition, that assesses the use of white phosphorous against the Iraqi resistance and non-combatants in Falluja.

President Saddam Hussein is being tried for war crimes and the American president and other senior civilian and military officials are not. This is just another example that justice in international affairs is usually imposed on a weaker entity by a stronger one. The utter lack of respect that the U.S. has for international law and comity is seen as it invades a nation to remove W.M.D. and then uses it against that very government or its supporters.

In Vietnam, which is almost identical to what is happening in Iraq, white phosphorous chemical weapons were called “willy peter.” Now it’s “shake and bake”. Always, it is a disgrace to America and revelatory of the type of country that we live in and are supposed to admire.

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