New York Times Also Questions Gov. Blagojevich Criminality as the Madigan Clan Moves In

I have argued that the Illinois governor, Rod R. Blagojevich, was set up and not guilty of any crime with regard to his “dispensing” of the vacant senate seat due to the presidential ascension of Barack Obama. David Johnston of the New York Times has written on December 15, 2008 an article also questioning whether actual criminal conduct was committed in his taped phone calls concerning “pay-to-play” schemes with senatorial aspirants.

When an out-of-control U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald uses smoke and mirrors to prosecute a high-profile official, that person is treated under the glare of the klieg lights as if he or she is guilty before proven innocent: a disgraceful and arbitrary method of law enforcement and an example of vigilante, arbitrary justice.

The stench of political blind ambition is spreading. You have the Illinois attorney general, Lisa Madigan, a child of nepotism, of modest legal abilities and perfervid political ambitions, attempting to sack a democratically elected governor through judicial removal. It is clear her motivation is not clean government but the continuation of the “Madigan Dynasty.” Her father Michael Madigan is the speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives and the leader of the impeachment movement. This hijacking of a governor’s right to stay in office at least until indictment or conviction is nothing more than a power grab and a ruse for personal ambition. Popularity is not a requirement for continuation in office until the fulfillment of one’s elected term.

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