Anti-American Military Hopefully Barred from Recruiting on Campuses

This is a link to the oral arguments that the Supreme Court heard today with regard to law schools not permitting the anti-gay military to recruit lawyers from their institutions. I have addressed this issue before and this is an update.

Where are the university presidents on this issue? Why are they not denouncing the Solomon Amendment and the discriminatory policies of the military with regard to sexual orientation? I am sure university presidents are aware of this case and its significance in fostering diversity and toleration. University presidents should stop fund raising for a moment and calculating every utterance in order to please their corporate governing boards and support those courageous and idealistic law schools that affirm that allowing the military to recruit lawyers violates the anti-discriminatory policy of their respective institutions.

Note Chief Justice John G. Robert’s smirky little comment. He knows darn well that the Solomon Amendment DOES require a cessation of federal funds for universities that forbid military recruitment. The Chief Justice knows that many universities would wither on the vine without federal funds and that the Solomon Amendment DOES mandate military recruiting access. Yet Mr Chief Justice, who gets hurt as you cavalierly support unequal justice under the law? It is the students; many of whom are not as privileged as you as you display an arrogant and egregious insensitivity to the plight of real people who need federal aid to get an education.

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