Army Information Systems Command–Pentagon

This I.P. was from a visitor:

OrgName: Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
OrgID: AISC-16
Address: The Pentagon, Room BE1018
Address: 6607 army Pentagon Dr.
City: Washington
StateProv: DC
PostalCode: 20310
Country: US

He or she Googled “african american and Hispanic support for the iraq war” and came across my Blog on page 1 of the Google lists. If folks are wondering in the Pentagon who supports your war, it is a dwindling number. Americans can see no light at the end of the tunnel; Americans can “see” the death count gettting higher even though Dover-bound body bags are rarely shown on military controlled or if you prefer “influenced” media in the U.S.

If Internet surfers are looking for support on their PC screens in the Pentagon, I have a better idea. Refuse to follow illegal orders that are beyond international law and that violate one’s moral conscience; refuse to ignore the military being eroded and eviscerated by a war without end; refuse to accept that increasing militarisation of U.S. society will forever be tolerated by a public within a nation mesmerised by the love of war and empire; think as you leave the Pentagon on your way home tonight to Virginia or Maryland, why after the Cold War does the U.S. persist in the monstrous evil of denying the American people adequate services from health care to quality education to environmental protection, to influenza shots? Why do we placate the boundless madness of war, the comprehensive expansion of the military within a country that deserves freedom and democracy and why we alone of all the great or major powers, cannot stop killing throughout the world?

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