An Exchange on Academic Freedom and Professors’ Opinions in Class

I found myself mentioned on a student’s BLOG at the University of Maryland and was associated with Professors Churchill and De Genova. There were some exchanges with folks who just won’t use their name, including the blog’s owner, that merited inclusion on my blog. The blog that is linked is called “Eric the Red”, meant sarcastically, since the blog site is conservative in orientation.

I applaud students who are engaged politically and socially regardlesss of their views. Yet this notion that conservative students are persecuted by leftists professors is becoming a new variant of McCarthyism: charges, accusations by either non-students or disgruntled students looking for a way to justify less than desired academic performance. It is also frequently intended to coerce or intimidate professors who are progressive in orientation and construe teaching as a moral act.

Of course, students must be evaluated solely on merit and performance. Students’ opinions should be respected and honoured.

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