John Pilger Also Questions the Academy’s Silence Over Israel Assualt on Gaza’s Educational Institutions

It is most disturbing that a nuclear power can destroy intentionally an educational system of an impoverished people and in particular its institutions of higher learning with virtually little protest from “western” academic leaders.

Cardinal Renato Martino

John Pilger in an article refers specifically to this curious silence as Israel destroys what Cardinal Martino, head of the Vatican Council on Justice and Peace, has referred to Gaza as , “a big concentration camp.” I find it most disturbing that in the United States criticism of Israel has become extremely difficult and in particular in academia. One needs to address issues of persecution and destruction of vital educational properties beyond military necessity in a forthright manner. The ethnic composition of an aggressor nation or its victims is inadequate cause to withhold criticism of military excesses: adherence to the principles of proportionality, justice, respect for non-combatants and international humanitarian law should be demanded of all nations.


“Then there are the academics, the deans and teachers and researchers. Why are they silent as they watch a university bombed and hear the Association of University Teachers in Gaza plea for help? Are British universities now, as Terry Eagleton believes, no more than “intellectual Tescos, churning out a commodity known as graduates rather than greengroceries”?

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