N.C.A.A. Edges Toward Greatness in Banning Racist Universities From Tournaments

The following schools have racist names and or mascots of Native-Americans who were devastated by white-settler genocide following the invasion of Columbus–although he technically did not invade the upper mainland of North America. Note one of the nicknames is “savages.” Here we are in 2005 and these universities continue as the N.C.A.A. charges to engage in “hostile or abusive” action toward these precious people. I find it revolting that the U of I has a lack of courage to eliminate such nonacademic names: The Illini, The Fighting Illini and Chief Illiniwek–a racist symbol that defames the university and the state of Illinois. The corporate university is frequently unwilling to stand for principle for a few pieces of silver.

I have found the Florida State University football games to be exercises in hate speech as white fans use hand motions and a silly war whoop to defame the glorious Seminole who fought a guerrilla war to resist American genocide and repatriation in the 1830s-1840s. Unfortunately, football is not covered by the anti-racist ban because there is no N.C.A.A. tournament.

· Alcorn State (Braves)
· Central Michigan (Chippewas)
· Catawba College (Indians)
· Florida State (Seminoles)
· Midwestern State (Indians)
· Utah (Utes)
· Indiana (Pa.) (Indians)
· Carthage College (Redmen)
· Bradley (Braves)
· Arkansas State (Indians)
· Chowan College (Braves)
· University of Illinois at Urbana (Illini)
· Louisiana-Monroe (Indians)
· McMurry University (Indians)
· Mississippi College (Choctaws)
· Newberry College (Indians)
· North Dakota (Fighting Sioux)
· Southeastern Oklahoma State (Savages) shame on their president and governing board to engage in such explicit racism and hate speech.

World class universities such as the Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin will not engage out of conference contests with institutions with Native American names or mascots. Why not boycott games with U of I too and work for a conference-wide boycott? If not, let U of I win every game through forfeit. That should do it as the money dries up and the racist practices of the University of Illinois are challenged where it hurts: the pocket book.

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