Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars: Publication Date Update

I was told by Roger Chapman, the distinguished editor of the Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars, that the original publication date of December 2008 has been extended. Additional entries reflecting the new era of Barack Hussein Obama were being added to the two-volume compendium. I was informed by a library professional staff person at my university that the publisher M.E. Sharpe had indicated August 2009 would be the release date.

Projected to be over 400,000 words in two volumes of text, and illustrated, the Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars  will be published by M.E. Sharpe of Armonk, New York.

I am contributing articles on J. Robert Oppenheimer and Academic Freedom:

Albert Einstein, whose 1939 letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt triggered the atomic bomb Manhattan Project and Dr Oppenheimer, director of Los Alamos laboratory near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ironically, Dr Einstein was excluded from the Manhattan Project by some who felt he was too independent and too radical. He later became a strong opponent of atomic weaponry.

Beware of groups such as Campus Watch, the David Project, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni and occasionally David Horowitz for attempting to move beyond critiquing progressive academicians into pressuring institutions or the public at large to remove or sanction such scholars.

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