New Year’s Resolutions: 2006

I stopped making New Years’ Resolutions a few years ago because I kept breaking them. Yet here are some for the new year that are more expansive but perhaps ironically easier to maintain than say: “Don’t drive through a stop sign.” or “Always be polite to a cashier in a store.” or “Don’t eat this more than X days a week.” etc.

1) I pledge that I will continue to oppose the Iraq War on every front and will not hesitate to denounce America imperialism and its destructive and destabilising role in the international community. This web log is non-partisan and will continue to be so. This is not a Republican or Democratic-party website as those who have visited this web log know. I am contemptuous of both wings of the same corrupt and amoral political party, and enjoy my political independence from the sound and fury signifying nothing from this disgraceful and avaricious duopoly that has stolen our county and its good name.

2) I will continue without abatement and without fear to protest the persecution of any university professor due to his or her politics. I will relentlessly advance the cause of academic freedom in which the abuse of power, the effort to marginalise and banish voices of controversy–particularly from the left–will be vigorously challenged. This is my destiny. This is my role that I did not seek but emanated from an extraordinary incident that grew out of a single e-mail. I had two choices, fight or flight, and I resolve this New Year’s Eve to pursue the former with intellectual and moral purpose. This is my self-definition of honour. I will never endorse the persecution of any ideology, regardless of its orientation. I will oppose any person, student, gardner, bell hop, air force pilot from being punished for their views and their speech.

3) I pledge that this website will continue to be provocative, informed and reflective of the core values on which I live my life and carry out my functions as a professor.

4) I will continue to assert my freedom and challenge those who think I will relinquish it lightly. I have struggled too hard and sacrificed too much to surrender my freedom–my academic freedom–and I shall with all my power, continue as the final blog objective exclaims under my name: “defend the vulnerable.”

For those of you, regardless of your views and political or ideological orientation, who have visited my blog since its inauguration in July.

I wish you:

Happy New Year


Feliz Año Nuevo


Salaam Alaikum



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