Lieutenant Debra A. Banaszak K.I.A.

The URL was a hit to my blog. The individual had Googled, Banaszak Debra.
See her picture in top photo row.

OrgName: Army Information Systems Command
Address: Information Systems Software Development Center
Address: Attn: ASQB-ILM-S, Stop L-40
City: Fort Lee
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 23801-6065
Country: US

Debra A. Banaszak is dead and was killed in Iraq. She was a 1st Lieutenant, US Army National Guard and assigned to the 1035th Maintenance Company. It is stationed in Jefferson Barracks in St Louis. I had previously mentioned her as one of the casualties of war that came from Illinois. Lieutenant Banaszak was from Bloomington which is about a 2-hour drive from Chicago and is where Illinois State Universtiy is located (Normal).

How sad it is that this 35-year old woman could not live a long life and that she did not return to the United States alive. If I could, I would have prevented this war and the needless deaths that resulted from it. How sad. How incredibly sad.

It is a moral obligation for Americans to not only mourn their dead but also question why they died. Otherwise, the potentiality of preventing further deaths and further tragedy becomes increasingly less likely to realise. I know there are those who believe that if one questions the latter, one is dishonouring the former. I disagree. One’s death in war cannot, in my humble opinion, be excluded in an analysis of why the war was fought in the first place. Why are people opposed to war? Well, in large measure because of the death and destruction that are caused by it.

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