Free David Irving: Nations Should Not Suppress Revisionist Speech and Conservative Scholarship

David Irving is in jail in Austria for entering the nation while under an arrest warrant since 1989. Austria, Germany and many other nations have speech codes that prohibit Holocaust denial. While many European nations are naturally resistant to encouraging or facilitating a return to the era of National Socialism, they have gone too far. They basically have placed legitimate scholarly analysis of the Holocaust beyond limits. They have made it virtually impossible to lecture or openly discuss significant revisionist issues ranging from the numbers killed, the knowledge or role of Hitler in concentration camp killings, the use of gas or other means of death, the purpose of the camps, the relationship between increased persecution of the Jews and the escalating violence and brutality of strategic bombing, the actual purpose and significance of the 1942 Wannsee conference and the full parameters and existence of an explicit policy of a Final Solution.

As a historian whose antiwar speech led to an egregiusly cowardly suspension, I am hoping that historians throughout the world, regardless of their ideological inclinations, denounce the incarceration of an idea and the persecution of scholars even if neo-fascist conservatives.

This is a link to Mr Irving’s website.
This is an article I wrote for H.N.N. condemning the censorship of Mr Irving’s works in the U.S. and explicating why I attended a conference he convened in Cincinnati. If invited again, and allowed to express my views without censorship or alteration, I would accept an additional invitation.

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