D.A.R.P.A.: Welcome Weapons’ Designers!!

This latest component of the military-industrial-complex visited my web log.

OrgName: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Address: 3701 North Fairfax Drive
City: Arlington
StateProv: VA
PostalCode: 22203-1714
Country: US

D.A.R.P.A. kills people in the 21st Century in classic Darwinian fashion. Survival of the fittest. Well even if this were Herbert Spencer’s term and not Darwin’s my point is: it designs, develops and promotes new nuclear weapons systems. Their mission, which of course includes non-nuclear military assets as well, is to maintain US technological superiority in military-warfighting capability. What an awful mission. Only a nation drunk with nationalism and an incapacity to live with other peoples and cultures could pursue such a monstrous and immoral objective.

They consist of Strangelovian figures, who I am sure act normally and blend in with their communities, who never contemplate their purpose in life as moral agents and the impact of their activities on the international community. Why am I applying my training and knowledge to weapons’ systems and new futuristic technologies to kill people who are not white and look like me? Certainly the vast majority of victims of American violence in the last fifty years have not been caucasian. You need to walk away and rethink your priorities. Homo sapiens need to apply their intellectual talents toward cooperation not Strangelovian strategic and tactical innovations to kill more humans who dare defy the Empire and the neoconservative Band of Brothers.

I could not imagine working for an agency with this implicitly violent mission that does not even contain an objective of war avoidance through diplomacy and international law with less reliance on force to satisfy “national security” interests. Very few nations wage war with other nations anymore. We are unfortunately one of them. Walk away from D.A.R.P.A. and your bunker busters and get a job where babies being killed as collateral damage and young innocent soldiers being crippled by your efforts becomes a thing of the past. It is never too late to quit and pursue alternative employment options that are more irenic and responsible.

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