On Mr Bush’s Jan 31, 2006 State of the Union Address and Terrorism

Mr Bush’s State of the Union Address on January 31, 2006 was a disgrace. The leading advocate and proponent of international terrorism uses the term “terrorism” in a manner that utterly obfuscates the criminal action of the government.

There was no mention of United States torture in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan.

There was no explanation of rendition: the kidnapping and relocation of suspected “freedom fighters”–see anyone can play the rhetorical game of blanket categorisation–from their captured location to a third state that will kill or torture them–American style.

There was no humility or sense of reflection that spying on Americans without a court warrant as required under F.I.S.A. is a violation of the “FREEDOMS” that the speaker claims to desire for humankind. This hyperbole and frankly unseemly hypocrisy is good theatre but is a rather cynical effort to portray a state that officially sponsors “terrorism” as the great white defender of liberal democracy throughout the world. Who believes this anymore?

There was no suggestion that Usama bin Laden’s call for negotiations would be accepted to end this needless religious war between civilisations.

There was no plan of disengagement from the criminal war in Iraq. More of the same bluster of staying the course with the old Cold War reference to isolationism as a means of describing anti-imperialist sentiments or a desire for withdrawal from Arab lands in Iraq; this was simply another revolting lack of morality and ethics that has so dominated this country for decades.

There was a militaristic call to disarm or reverse Iran’s nuclear ambitions without even a suggestion that the State of Israel denuclearise its EXISTING arsenal of fusion and fission nuclear devices.

The president whose only claim to global leadership is the criminal expenditure of military-related budget items–440 billion for the DoD; hundreds of billions more for Afghanistan and Iraq—actually believes he has the stature and the honour to speak to the Iranian people: a proud Muslim nation that is encircled by American imperialist forces in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“America respects you, and we respect your country. We respect your right to choose your own future and win your own freedom.”

This is utter nonsense and a paternalistic if not evil intrusion into the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Iran hopefully would not acquire a nuclear deterrent but I can understand its pressure to do so. It feels appropriately threatened by the U.S. and Israel and is desperate to find a deterrent to prevent an American-Israeli destruction of their country. Within Iran sentiment is interestingly the most pro-American of all Muslim states. Popular opinion in that country is quite pro-American. Part of that reason is Iranian youth experiencing some modernisation and liberalisation under the previous President Mohammad Khatami. Yet American imperialism and racist nationalism to destroy and sanction Iran is likely to reverse that positive reaction as the U.S. prepares for yet another war.

Iran has every right to support Hizbollah (Party of God) in Lebanon and Palestinain groups that are militantly resisting Israeli aggression. Unfortunately war has two sides and both sides seek allies. For the US the world’s most educated, advanced and powerful nation to invoke so carelessly such terms as “terrorism”, is a betrayal of our capacity to approach external affairs with greater moderation, perspicacity and justice.

Mr Bush, while not alone, is a criminal who appropriately is despised by significant numbers of the international community. His actions are violent, hateful and ruinous both to the United States and non-white peoples who dare defy the American radical vision of western Judeo-Christian hegemony.

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