Kirstein to Publish in Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars

I will be writing articles on “Academic Freedom” and “J. Robert Oppenheimer,” the physicist who directed the Los Alamos Laboratory (1943-1945) leading to the development of the monstrous and indiscriminate atomic bomb. He was also persecuted for his political beliefs and associations during the McCarthy witchhunts. While I have never felt much remorse for his persecution due to his role in developing the fission bomb of enriched uranium and plutonium, the principle of course is of more transcendant importance.

Encyclopedia of the Culture Wars will be published by M. E. Sharpe.

Paul M. Buhle, Brown University; Larry Eskridge, Wheaton College; Barbara Hines, Howard University; Donald McQuarie, Bowling Green State University; Lauren Rabinovitz, University of Iowa; David Roediger, University of Illinois; John Kenneth White, The Catholic University of America

Professor Roger Chapman is the General Editor.

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