An Army Wife is “Tired” of My Blog

I came across this blog as I was perusing the source of visitors and came across an Army Spouses Blog. The blogger is lovemytanker. Cute!! She describes herself as a stay at home mom in an interesting autobiography but like many of my students misspells separate as “Seperated by oceans or together at home, love knows no bounds!” There are two “a”s and two “e”s in “separate.”

Well, she posted an item with the title, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Worry and while extremely hesitant to express her views, she indicated in her blogroll that the one at the bottom, which is mine, is just too much for her and that it is time for her to retire for the evening.

By the way, the unAmerican, immoral and frankly vicious policy of expelling persons of homosexual orientation is why many law schools and hopefully many colleges and universities will reject military recruiters on their campuses. About 10,000 gays and lesbians have been expelled from the military since its inception during the Clinton administration in 1993. The policy of don’t ask, don’t tell is degrading and humiliating. While true a homosexual cannot be asked his or her orientation, they are not allowed to express it openly while in the armed forces. Yet if others are suspicious or if one is reported as being one, there is an investigation. I would ask the army wives whether it is honourable for a so-called democracy to exhibit such prejudice as we bomb, invade, torture and demolish other countries in the name of freedom and democracy.

African-Americans were excluded, segregated and forced to assume the most menial positions in the military. It took a long time for the military to recognise that race should not be a factor in enlistment and retention. One’s sexual orienation is NO different. People should be judged on not who they are, but what they do. To make presumptions about conduct without any evidence of behaviour, is guilt without an act, a presumption about unfitness without evidence. So to the army wife who used that title, I hope you have asked yourself whether your husband’s institution, the army, should persecute and exhibit such prejudice in a country that brags about its spreading democracy?

While not my lifestyle, I condemn and denounce the U.S. mililtary for such egregious denial of human rights for many honourable and decent citizens.

The army wife did have a link to this website on the military and homosexuality. It seems appropriate to link and appears informative and perceptive.

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