Is This 1927 Redux: Will the U.K. Withdraw from Iraq?

I have always said the quickest way to end the American war crime and disgrace in Iraq is through London. Our poodle, like the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, was led on our leash into Iraq but maybe the pet strikes back.

They originally sent 46,000 imperialist invaders into Iraq in March 2003. They withdrew a fairly large number and according to the New York Times had about 18,000 invaders in country by May 2004. The numbers should be about 7,000 by May or a few months after that. The British have been occupying the southern area around Basra, which is mostly Shi’a. However, the horrid and tragic July 7, 2005 London bombings demonstrated considerable resentment concerning their participation in the Coalition of the Invaders.

Have the British decided, as they did in 1927, to end their colonisation of Iraq and withdraw? I don’t know but should the Brits disengage entirely, the pressure on the U.S. would be considerably increased. Ironically, the British who are the junior partner in this crime against humanity, may have decided that their national interest is not an umbilical-cord relationship with the outlaw Bush gang but the need to carve out an independent foreign policy that does not emphasise death, mass killings, elective wars, glorification of militarism and the subjugation of non-white, non-Christian peoples.

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